Photo Credit: MasterCov
  • 1st January TORO DE AGUARDIENTE in Puerto Serrano, Cádiz | Bull running in the streets
  • 5th January BELEN DE CHOCOLATE in Rute, Córdoba | Nativity scene of 1.400 kg of chocolate on 52 sqm 
  • 6th January LOS REYES MAGOS all over Spain | Most important Christmas tradition in Spain. Colourful street processions in the early evening in the 5th and presents are handed around in the morning of the 6th January  
  • 16th January LAS LUMBRES DE SAN ANTON in Jaen City, Jaen | Saint Anthony Day is celebrated in several villages in Andalucia, especially in Jaen with food and dancing and singing around bonfires
  • 20th January FIESTA DE SAN SEBASTIAN in Huelva, Huelva | Processions with dances, music and traditional food such as the fava beans. Saint Sebastian is celebrated in several villages and towns all over Spain  

  • Beginning of February FIESTA DEL MOSTO in Umbrete, Sevilla | It's the celebration of the locally produced young wine
  • Mid of February (variable date) CARNIVAL in different towns around Andalusia | The most famous parade you can find in Cádiz, with dances and colourful costumes 
  • 28th February DIA DE ANDALUCIA in many towns and communities of Andalusia | Since 1980 the autonomy of Andalusia is celebrated with a ceremony in the mornings at many main squares of Andalusian towns

  • Mid of March (variable date) SEMANA SANTA in different towns around Andalusia | The holy week, Easter, is the most important religious festival of the year and celebrated with processions and colourful flower floats on the streets
  • Mid of March FILM FESTIVAL in Málaga | This 8-day lasting event is one of the biggest in Málaga to celebrate the Spanish film and cinema production


  • April (variable date) FERIA DE ABRIL in Sevilla | The origin of the fair dates back to April in 1847 when the first cattle market took place. Today it's the most famous fair in Andalusia with traditional dresses and dances (sevillana) as well as traditional tapas and drinks such as sherry, manzanilla or rebujito
  • End of April / May (50 days after easter) LA ROMERÍA DEL ROCÍO in El Rocío, Huelva | Big pilgrimage from all over Spain either walk or pass the way on a horseback to the statue of the Virgin in an exquisite white chapel. 

  • Beginning of May MOTO GRAND PRIX in Jerez de la Frontera | For the motorbike lovers among you, don't miss the first round of the MotoGP Spain. It's a great experience! 
  • Mid of May PATIOS DE CORDOBA in Córdoba | During the courtyard festival you can appreciate beautiful decorated patios with flowers
  • Mid of May FERIA DEL CABALLO in Jerez de la Frontera | The horse fair in Jerez has its origin 500 years ago and probably belongs to the most elegant events in Andalusia. Like in other fairs people wear traditional clothes and food and drinks are offered.

  • 23rd June NOCHE DE SAN JUAN in different towns around Andalusia | To celebrate St. John's Eve and the summer solstice the party usually takes place at the beach with bonfires and drinks and food 
  • End of June FESTIVAL DE GRANADA in Granada | The international music and dance festival attracts musicians from all over the world to the beautiful courtyards of the Alhambra.

  • Beginning of July INTERNATIONAL GUITAR FESTIVAL in Córdoba | The international festival consists of concerts and shows with excellent artists and teachers and of a separate training programme 
  • 15th July VIRGEN DEL CARMEN in coastal towns from Huelva to Almeria | As the Virgen del Carmen is the patron of the fishermen, processions are held along the streets and around the harbour to bless the boats.

  • Beginning of August FIESTAS COLOMBINAS in Huelva | This is a typical ibero-american celebration due to the discovery of America of Christopher Columbus.
  • Mid of August FERIA DE MÁLAGA in Málaga | The feria in Málaga is the most important summer fair in Andalusia. As all the others, people wear the traditional flamenco dress and drink and eat typical food. 
  • Mid of August HORSE RACE in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cádiz | This event attracts people from all over the country to watch about 80 participants riding on their horses along the beach. The first event officially took place in 1845. Once it was informal competitive races between the fishmongers, to see who arrived first at the fish market.

  • Beginning of September FIESTAS DE LA VENDIMIA in Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz | As in September starts the period of the grape harvest, this celebration is dedicated to the wine-growing. Traditionally it starts with the famous ceremony of treading the grapes ("Pisa de la Uva") at the cathedral of Jerez de la Frontera. 
  • Beginning of September FERIA GOYESCA DE PEDRO ROMEO in Ronda | The most important event for people from and outside of Ronda is the fair. Pedro Romero (1754–1839) was one of the most successful bullfighters, so the fair is dedicated to him. So during the time of the fair you can also see - apart from traditional dresses - some bullfights. 
  • Beginning of September (bi-annual, even-numbered) BIENAL DE FLAMENCO in Sevilla | The most famous flamenco event of the world takes place in Sevilla and lasts over 30 days. You can find colourful shows on plenty of stages, theatres all over the city. 

  • 12th October DIA DE LA HISPANIDAD all over Spain | Spain's national holiday celebrates the discovery of America.
  • Mid of October AUTUMN FAIRS in several towns in Andalusia| As fairs take place all over the year, in autumn you can enjoy one of the smaller and less touristy ones. Next to Marbella you can find for example San Pedro, Nerja, Ojen.


  • 1st November ALL SAINT'S DAY all over Spain | As traditions on this day vary all over the world, in Spain people gather at local cemeteries and pay their attention to the departed ones.  
  • Beginning of November DAY OF THE CHESTNUT in Alcaucín, Málaga | Locals celebrate and eat the delicious hot chestnut and enjoy autumn flair with their families, friends and neighbours. 

  • Beginning of December OLIVE FESTIVAL in Martos, Jaén | In honour to the hard work of the olive harvest this festival is dedicated to all the workers and olive oil lovers.
  • 6th December CONSTITUTION DAY all over Spain | This public holiday dates back to 6th December in 1978 when the new constitution was approved by a referendum and Spain became a constitutional monarchy and democracy.